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e-IUS Tax Firm

Our innovative philosophy in Tax Law

The e-IUS tax firm assists Italian and foreign multinational industrial groups, both domestically and internationally. Through innovative solutions, it accompanies clients in developing the legal and tax structure for their business.


e-IUS has created a department dedicated to tax consulting to offer tailor-made assistance to taxpayers, whether individuals or public and private entities.

Due to their roles in academic, scientific, institutional, and professional settings, the e-IUS team has significant experience in dealing with the Tax Authority and advocating before the Courts charged with tax justice.

e-IUS professionals have gained significant experience in assisting ownership, those in charge with the Governance, and top management in making strategic decisions and outlining policies and procedures in line with best practices.

e-IUS, due to the experience gained by professionals in the field of tax, civil and corporate consulting, has developed a department dedicated to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in both the start-up and growth phases.

e-IUS professionals have anticipated the need to promote the transition of the economic system to a “circular” model, in line with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) best practice.
The Environmental Social and Governance factors are a subset of non-financial performance indicators which include ethical, sustainable and corporate government issues designed to reduce the human impact by preserving the value of materials and resources at each stage of the production cycle.

The firm’s professionals have significant experience in data driven decision (such as data analysis interpretation) and in defining accounting policy in line with Italian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (ITA GAAP) and IAS/IFRS, and in organizational consulting.

The professionals at e-IUS have always paid special attention to social issues and the nonprofit sectors. Over the years, we gained considerable experience in Corporate Responsibility, Third Sector and Social Economy.

Experience in tax law looking forward to digitalization and the future of business

The tax law firm offers clients assistance in tax and legal matters through the integrated work of lawyers and experience and certified accountants specialized in different line of services.

The experience carried out in previous years, enable e-IUS to offer a wide range of services: from traditional tax and legal advice to the most innovative (for example predictive planning tools, policy and procedures in accordance with Laws, ISO regulation, best practice).

The e-IUS tax firm employs highly qualified collaborators and human resources who have gained significant professional experience and operate as an integrated work team.

Focus Team

The digital economy has disrupted traditional competitive market paradigms and current patterns, favoring the digitization process in businesses.

The professionals of e-IUS have gained considerable experience in corporate welfare, a complex set of measures and treatments adopted by the employer in favor of employees and aimed at fostering their social welfare, not only as individuals, but also within the corporate.

e-IUS professionals have significant experience in technological innovation, taxes incentive and support measures aimed to support digital and ecological transition.

In tax planning, e-IUS professionals have gained considerable experience in protecting assets (family, artistic, entrepreneurial, financial) from a conservative and transmissive perspective.

The professionals of e-IUS have gained significant experience in grants (i.e. subsidized finance). For this reason, e-IUS has developed a specific focus team that assists companies in researching and participating in calls and notices for obtaining grants and loans at subsidized rates.

Over the years, e-IUS has gained a significant amount of experience in assisting non-profit entities and in particular Third Sector entities.

Over time, a network of professionals with a great deal of management experience in foundations and non-profit organisations has increasingly consolidated.

In providing legal and tax assistance to corporations, multinational groups and trade and union associations, e-IUS professionals have built up considerable experience in public affairs activities. Indeed, more and more often, besides providing traditional professional assistance, professionals are also required to speak to institutions, to monitor and analyse both European and domestic legislative activity and the sudden changes in the market, especially the emerging market.

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e-IUS is an associate firm of lawyers and chartered accountants, in which more than thirty professionals work.


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